Logan (2017) – Review

A tour de force that rivals even The Dark Knight in boldness, darkness and overall brilliance – elevating the superhero genre to a level unseen before it.


Starring: Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook
Directed By: James Mangold

For years, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight has represented the pinnacle of filmmaking in the superhero genre. It was dark, realistic and boasted one of the greatest performances of all time from Heath Ledger. No superhero movie has come close since. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has released numerous films to much acclaim, nothing has come near to touching the legendary response The Dark Knight was released to. That was until Logan was released. Gritty, violent and explicit (elements all aided by its R rating), Logan allows Hugh Jackman to finally get the character perfectly right. loganWith an almost Heath Ledger level performance, Jackman puts the nail in the coffin of a role he has played for 17 years. Jackman navigates the bloody gore and the explicit profanity, in a believable and real performance. Newcomer Dafne Keen also does a fantastic job as Laura Kinney/ X-23, wolverines genetically grown daughter.  She manages to make the fact that her character is mute for at least 2/3 of the film realistic and not contrived, and when she does speak she is perfect as an angry ball of fury opposite Jackman. Her shining moments come in her action sequences, expertly leaping, slicing and stabbing her way through grown men as she tries to survive. Patrick’s Stewart’s performance as Professor X is as stunning and gut-wrenching as it always is. Boyd Holbrook’s turn as the creepy, southern Donald Pierce is a major scene stealer, as he somehow manages to be both menacing and likeable at the same time.logan-trailer-2-01Mangold’s direction is beautiful, perfectly capturing the western aesthetic, with beautiful pink sunsets and long stretching deserts providing a sumptuous background for the incredible, high-adrenaline action and heart wrenching, emotional story that goes along with it. logan-2017-movie-poster-wallpaperAll in all, Logan provides the perfect swan song for Jackman’s Wolverine, and the perfect introduction for Keen’s X-23. Logan is the closest a film has come to capturing the excellence that Nolan captured almost 10 years ago with The Dark Knight, but while the latter was a stunning blend of the world we live in and the world of comic books, Logan’s story and emotional weight leaves more of an impression than any superhero before it and many of those that will follow it.


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