Primark/Penney’s Make-up Review

Primark, or Penney’s as we call it here in Ireland, have recently been releasing a large selection of makeup from their own brand P.S Love and since I own quite a few of their items I thought I’d review just a few for you. The products I bought ranged in price from €1 to €4 so are very reasonable in price.

1. P.S Matte Long Last Lipstick


I got this product in the shade Nude for €1.50 and I find it to be an excellent dupe for Macs Velvet Teddy which is of a similar mauve, brown colour. It applies nicely to the lips and doesn’t feel dry at all, quite like Mac’s formula and it wears quite a long time. Of course, it doesn’t quite as long on the lips but for €1.50 this can be forgiven and I don’t mind having to reapply throughout the day. Although I do have a habit of biting my lips so if you’re fortunate enough not to have this habit you won’t have to reapply as often as I do. It does feel a little dry on my lips after a while but most matte formulas are a little drying from my experience so it’s nothing to be worried about but and would stop me wearing it. I’ve tried out many matte lip products and I like the P.S Love version, I’m definitely going to pop back in to Penney’s and get a few more shades. I’m extremely impressed with the colour pay off and the pigmentation. I love how it looks applied on the lips, it is an easy shade to wear & a perfect day or night time colour. The sleek gold packaging is very complimentary to the product.

2. Super Matte Liquid Lipstick 2

I recently picked up one of the liquid lipsticks not really expecting much having tried the infamous Kylie lip kits and Jeffree Star cosmetics formulas. But I was pleasantly surprised with these products as they dried to a nice matte finish and weren’t too drying on the lips. I had no idea they had started making these until I saw them being reviewed on a beauty blogger’s snapchat story recently. I figured they’d probably be no good but for €3 I was willing to risk it! I grabbed the two lightest shades and a maroon shade as well. They dry down totally matte (within about 20 seconds) and the colours come out fairly true to how they look in the tube.  I found they were wearable with one coat, although 1 of the nude shades needed a bit of a touch up as it came up streaky a few times! They are obviously a bit drying on the lips, but all matte liquid lippies are, there’s not much you can do about it but feel comfortable enough to wear without really needing a lip balm.  The first time I wore it, I kept it on for about 6 hours with no problem.


3. PS PRO Longwear Finishing Powder


I picked up this lightweight, ultra-fine powder recently. It provides an invisible way to set foundation for a long-lasting finish much like the famous Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. I wouldn’t say it’s as the same standard as the Laura Mercier but for €7 it does the job. Setting powders are renowned for a new makeup trend called ‘baking’ where one leaves powder sitting on the face to set makeup and lighten up certain areas. I would say this PS powder is more suitable for just setting the face, but when it comes to baking I would stick to my Laura Mercier as the PS powder leaves a slight white cast and allows for a lot flashback with flash photography. The powder does to a great job as mattifying skin and smoothing out imperfections.

4. Primark Perfect Glow Primer


This primer is one of the newest editions of PS Love’s collection. The primer’s purpose is to illuminate the skin before foundation is applied. It can also be worn on its own if that’s what you want. It also helps to blur imperfections and really smooths out the skin. I got it for €4.00 and found it to be a lovely budget buy. The new primer has a lovely thick white creamy consistency. When it was swatched, the primer appeared to have quite a luminous finish. It dries quickly and allows the foundation to go on smoothly over the top. Overall it does exactly as it says, illuminates the skin, and allows for a smooth base to apply the rest of your makeup on.

5. Whip Lash Mascara


I can say with ease that I am definitely a mascara girl, so when I saw Whip Lash in Penneys for only €3 I had to give it a go really. This was one of the cheapest Primark products I purchased, so my expectations weren’t very high for this one. But to my amazement, this cheap, €3 mascara was amazing! It gave so much volume to my lashes, it stayed on all day and came off easily with face wipes and eye makeup remover, there’s nothing worse than when a stubborn mascara does not come off and your left with thick chunks on your eyelashes. The pigmentation was comparable to Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash mascara, one of my all-time favourites! Who says you need to pay fortunes for a good mascara? I usually would because with most mascaras the price reflects greatly on the product, but on this occasion, I think you should bite the bullet and buy this. And after all ladies and gents, if you don’t like it, it’s only €3 spent.


Overall, I am very impressed with Primark/ Pennys’ beauty collection. For the prices, they’re selling at, the performances of the products really reflect items of a greater price! I would recommend anyone on a budget to give these items a go. Being a college student these have been life savers over the past few months when I didn’t have an extra euro to spend on things like makeup.

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