Coachella 2017 Fashion – Denim, Dungarees and Dreads

Every year, celebrities and people who want to be celebrities descend upon the Californian desert for arguably one of the most anticipated (and most fashionable) music festivals in the world, Coachella, in recent years, has set the bench mark for all festival fashions and this year’s didn’t disappoint. While some people stuck with what they know like flower crowns and ankle boots, some people truly pushed the boundaries of street style. Here are our top looks from the first weekend of Coachella 2017:

  1. Selena Gomez


Considered a reserved look at the annual festival, Gomez’s decision to don such an against the grain outfit shows how fashion forward she truly is. The cool blue sun dress with a daisy pattern and matching scarf are already original but her choice of footwear is where this outfit really gets its flare.

  1. Grayson Dolan


The youtube personality, along with his twin brother, rocked some exceptional outfits over the three day weekend, but Grayson’s day three look was the cream of the crop. Crop top, that is. Dolan hopped straight onto a slow burning trend of guys wearing cropped tops and the slightly loose jeans give this look a cohesive shape which is undeniably satisfying.

  1. Shay Mitchell


The Pretty Little Liars star took a risk on day two of the weekend going denim on denim and sporting a head of dreads. The risky look paid off for star as she couldn’t have looked more retro-cool if she tried.

  1. Jack Baran


A Coachella festival mainstay, Baran stood out, contrasting the dark tones of his jacket and shorts with the blinding white of his oversized tee and converse.

  1. Evelina Barry

    IMG_1657The internet personality stunned in a flowy white crop top and black heels. Not to be upstaged by the flashier looks, Barry choose a stunning astronomy themed belt that just can’t help being the centre of attention.

  1. Tommy Dorfman


Hot off the success of Thirteen Reasons Why (you can read our review here), Dorfman hit up the Californian desert in this eye-catching look, rocking a vibrant yellow and orange pair of dungarees, making up one of the most original looks of this year’s festival

  1. Francis Lola


This style blogger hit all the right beats at 2017 festival, unconventionally hoping on the denim bandwagon with this stunning look. Her accessory choices all added up to make the as head-turning as it was.

  1. Cole Sprouse


Everyone’s favourite new Netflix show “Riverdale” saw the return of Cole Sprouse, and the internet fell in love with him as fast as they did this outfit. He rocked a vibrant look offsetting the warm yellow of his shirt with the pale blue of his jeans for an effortless effect.

What did you think of the fashion at Coachella 2017? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below ↓

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