Newcastle Nightlife- Where to go

Considering I recently made a trip to Newcastle I thought it might be beneficial to let you know the best places to go in ‘The Toon’. After being there for 4 days I got a very good idea of where the best clubs were from talking to locals and holiday goers alike.

House of Smith-

House of Smith has been rightly named one of the best night clubs in Newcastle. The show starts as soon as you enter, with the “only true VIP Newcastle nightclub” offering champagne and table service. If it’s a special occasion I would recommend that you get yourself a Millionaire Mojito (a bottle of champagne with a bottle of white rum mixer).

Queues are constantly twisting around the building, but once you’re in, each cocktail from the impressive list is made promptly – you won’t be waiting for ages at the bar. There’s club nights on every night – with Waikiki Tuesdays, Vegas-themed Play Fridays, and S@S Grand Slam Saturdays the most popular.


Located on the Quayside, Popolo is up there with the top Newcastle bars. Known for its cocktails and craft beer, this is more of a Newcastle institution than just a bar. They sell selected beers at two for £5, two mojitos for £6, and there’s live acoustic music every Thursday night. There’s even the opportunity to win a £20 bar tab for submitting your artwork on social media and, with 300+ spirits behind the bar.

The Gate-

The Gate complex is known as a ‘proper’ drinking venue among the Geordies. It’s popular with big groups of college students and stag and hen parties, due to the collection of bars and clubs near each other – all conveniently located indoors away from the Geordie climate. For bars, you’ve got some classics like Lloyds No. 1 Keel Row – part of the Wetherspoons chain – renowned for its dimly lit atmosphere and traditionally cheap drinks.

There are also some more upmarket bars here, like the upbeat and trendy Beyond lounge-club. Just outside The Gate, you have Tiger Tiger and Sam Jacks – two massive clubs where you can party ’til morning that have been made known by the infamous Geordie Shore crew.


The BIGGEST place to be on a Wednesday night has to be Bambu. Bambu sees over 1500 students each Wednesday night as it’s one of the biggest student nights and has the best offers on drinks. It tends to be where a lot more boys go rather than girls.  It also has its own official pre bar City Vaults which is across the road where you can get your free entry to Game|Over with a student card.

TupTup Palace-

If you’re looking for a classy night out with a club that has an indoor waterfalls and privately serviced tables then look no further, TupTup Palace is your place! Since 2009 many celebrities such as Jason Derulo and Kanye West have made appearances here. Yet is has to be said that for all the glitz and glamour it gives off a very exaggerated vibe with both its staff and the crowd it attracts. Also, be prepared to enter one of the smallest nightclub in Newcastle which means it gets very, very crowded. A frustrating crowded that is. Not a buzzing & atmospheric crowded. But I would say it still promises a great night.



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